About us

Keeping Those Precious Memories

What we do and why we do it?

We are a digital family and legacy management company that aspires to strengthened families and the bonds they share by creating a better connection between the living and those that have passed away.

Immortelle Online

How we started?

What began as a small family business to pass onto my children, as blossom into a passion cherish by many.
Remembering my mother, and the desire for me kids and future generations to know of her legacy was the reason I decided to create an online memorial, not just for myself but for others.
It was my mother who chose the name, Immortelle Tree.

“The site is to honour those who have come before us, whose spirits has fertilised the soil so that the seeds of future generations can grow.”
-Kevin Self (CEO and Founder)


The name was inspired by the Immortelle Tree whose bright orange colours blanket the mountains of the Caribbean. Trees have long had historic meaning in many cultures with their connection and symbolism of life. Their branches, seeds, blooms and roots has always had meaning to mankind’s existence.