What Happens When People Die?

What Happens When People Die?

What happens when people die? There are many occurences that take place when people pass away, in terms of the legal and family matters.

The UK

There’s a fine line to trIn the UK, there is a list of recommended procedures that one is encouraged to go through in order to appropriately manage the death of a loved one, as provided by www.gov.uk:

Verification and certification

Firstly, it is important to get the death verified by a licenced health care professional, to confirm that the person is dead. Once this happens, the death then needs to be certified by a doctor who will be able to issue a medical certificate for this cause of death. The death certificate will cost between £8 – £11 depending on the location in the UK.


Once verified, the death will need to be registered by the government to a local registrar, a doctor or public health practitioner, within 5 days, however, in 8 days for those in Scotland. The register will help in the organisation of either the burial or the cremation by giving out the forms that will be needed to carry this out.  This is a requirement in order to have a funeral. They could also offer financial aid and other practical forms of help. If cremation is decided, then a cremation application will need to be completed and given to the crematorium or, if burial is decided, the burial certificate must be given to the funeral director.

Arranging the funeral

Funeral arrangements will then be made. If the person who has passed has had life insurance or prepaid funeral plans, then this can be taken into consideration when thinking about the up and coming costs.  If you want to arrange the funeral yourself, then the Cemeteries and Crematorium Department must be contacted, however if not, you can hire funeral directors. There are many other organizations and support networks available to further help deal with loss and bereavement. The funeral costs vary on average between £3,200 – £4,400 depending on whether a cremation or a burial is planned.

Notifying the Government of death

In the UK, there is an organisation called the Tell Us Once service, which when used, will notify the necessary governmental departments when someone dies, decreasing the hassle of trying to notify all of the relevant people. It guarantees that all companies will be informed.

Check bereavement financial benefits and demands

There could be some financial support options available that can help with the payment towards the funeral, and other taxes depending on your relationship status with the person who had died. Additionally, personal taxes, pension and government benefits can change depending on your relationship with the person who died, so it may be beneficial to check how they have changed.

Handling the aftermath

Furthermore, it may be useful to deal with the technical aspects of the person’s estate depending on the relationship with the person. For instance, dealing with the person’s previous property, their will, inheritance, and their finances.

  • Wills

Prior to an individual’s death, a will would have to be written and signed by themselves in the presence of two witnesses and be signed by the same 2 witnesses also, in order to be in accordance with the Wills Act 1837.

  • Inheritance

Inheritance is the assets that are left behind after someone has passed away, including property, possessions and money. In the UK, the inheritance is subject to be taxed, however, there are circumstances in which they may be avoided. For instance, there is something called the Nill Rate Band which is a threshold for the requirement of inheritance tax. If the financial worth of the assets are over £325,000, then the tax rate is 40%, but if it is under the amount stated, then tax is required. Tax will also be taken if the inheritance is above the Nill Rate Band and is left to a partner or spouse.


There are a few differences and similarities involved in the processes that occur when someone passes in the USA versus the UK.

Registration and receiving of death certificate

Getting a death certificate in the USA does vary slightly to the UK. It can usually be obtained from a funeral home, or the Vital Records Office, but is prepared by a medical examiner. Personal information regarding the deceased relative will need to be collected from their family members, friends etc. The death will need to be registered at a maximum of around 7 days after, depending on the state and the death certificate will cost anywhere from $6 – $25 varying across cities and states.

Wills and Inheritance

We’re desperate for our heroes to succeed because in doing so it gives us the hope that we too, will In the US, wills can cost around $1,000. If the will states who will receive the inheritance and how it will be distributed, then that will take place accordingly. Consequently, if there is no will, the inheritance is split between the immediate family. However, the person who passed away had no immediate family, then it would be given to their extended relatives.


A very useful and efficient online service to use when dealing with the passing of a loved one is a digital memorial service called Immortelle. A digital memorial service is an online funeral place where the loved one’s friends and family members can collaboratively join together to remember and commemorate their family member who has passed away. It takes place via streaming. People can easily join from any of their devices.

Immortelle has some very convenient features. For instance:


Dedications are a great way to express and share your feelings and memories about your loved one.

Record your last words

Expressing the final heart-felt messages you would like to say to them.

Create Admins

Having admins is a great way to monitor the activity of users and comments on the site.

Adding music

Music is great for emotional connection, which is why having the ability to add it can allow you to remember who your loved one is to you.

Images and videos

These can be added to reminisce and reflect on the memories shared with you and your loved one.

Adding members

Sharing loving memories of your loved one with others.

Placing your own QR codes

You can place QR codes anywhere, such as picture frames and use any mobile device to view your loved one’s digital memorial at any time.

Your future will know their legacy

The next generation can see those that came before them and get a feel for who they are.









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